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      2. 您好!歡迎來到墨河電子科技青島 上海有限公司
        G2RG-X PCB電力繼電器 接受預定 最短貨期最優價格
        • 20-11-07 11:25
        • 墨河電子
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        G2RG-X PCB電力繼電器

        具有500 VDC 10 A開關容量的功率繼電器
        (2極串聯接線,接觸間隙為3.0 mm)

        • 2極串聯接線可實現500 VDC 10 A的開關容量
        • 3.0 mm的接觸間隙(2極串聯接線)
        • 提供高絕緣,絕緣距離超過8 mm,線圈和觸點之間的耐沖擊電壓為10 kV。

        • UL和TüV認證
        • 聯系表 外殼等級 終端類型 模型 額定線圈
          DPST-NO(2a)* 助焊劑保護 PCB端子 G2RG-2A-X 12伏直流電
          注意。 訂購時,將額定線圈電壓(V)添加到型號中。
          示例:G2RG-2A-X DC12(線圈額定電壓)
          Safety Precautions for All Relays Refer to the Safety Precautions for individual Relays for precautions specific to each Relay. Observe the following precautions to ensure safety. ? Do not touch the terminal section (charged section) of the Relay or Socket while power is being supplied. Electric shock may occur. ? Never use a Relay for a load that exceeds the contact ratings of the Relay, such as the switching capacity. Doing so may result in reducing Relay performance for insulation failure, contact welding, and contact faults, and might even result in burning or other damage to the Relay itself. ? Do not drop the Relay or dismantle it. Doing so may reduce Relay performance and might even result in burning or other damage to the Relay itself. ? Relay durability is greatly affected by the switching conditions. Always test the Relay under actual application conditions to confirm applicability and use the Relay only for the number of switching operations that will not affect performance. Continued application of a Relay with reduced performance may result in insulation failure between circuits or in burning in the Relay itself. ? Do not apply an overvoltage or incorrect voltage to the coil, and do not wire the terminals incorrectly. Incorrect application may prevent the Relay from performing its designed function, may affect external circuits, and may even result in burning or other damage to the Relay itself. ? Do not use the Relay in atmospheres containing inflammable or explosive gases. Switching arcs or Relay heating may result in fire or explosion. ? Wire the Relay correctly according to the Precautions for Correct Use when performing wiring or soldering. If the Relay is used with wiring or soldering that is defective, abnormal heating while power is supplied may result in burning. Relay Application ? Before actually using the Relay, perform all possible tests to confirm applicability. Unexpected trouble can occur in actual operation that would not be anticipated in theoretical planning. ? Unless otherwise specified, all ratings and performances given in the catalog are for NECA C5442 (JIS C5442) standard test conditions (temperature: 15 to 35°C, humidity: 25% to 75%, pressure: 86 to 106 kPa, altitude: 2,000 m max.). When testing the Relay in the actual application, use the operating environment that will exist in actual applications along with the actual load conditions. ? All reference data provided in the catalog are from measurement samples taken from production lines and represented in graph form. Actual values will depend on the application. ? All ratings and performances given in the catalog are from independent tests. Values will vary for different combinations of ratings and performances. 

        • Precautions for Correct Use No. Area No. Classification No. Item Page A Selecting Relays A Mounting Structure and Type of Protection 1 2 3 Type of Protection Combining Relays and Sockets Using Relays in Atmospheres Subject to Dust 4 B Drive Circuits 1 2 3 4 5 Operating Form Coil Specifications AC Coil Specifications Full-wave Rectifying Relays Providing Power Continuously for Long Periods 5 C Loads 1 2 3 4 5 Contact Ratings Switching Capacity Using Relays with a Microload Contact Material Contact Certification Ratings for Standards 6 B Circuit Design A Load Circuits 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Load Switching 1. Resistive Loads and Inductive Loads 2. Switching Voltage (Contact Voltage) 3. Switching Current (Contact Current) Electrical Durability Failure Rates Surge Suppressors Countermeasures for Surge from External Circuits Connecting Loads for Multi-pole Relays Motor Forward/Reverse Switching Power Supply Double Break with Multi-pole Relays Short-circuiting Due to Arcing between NO and NC Contacts in SPDT Relays Using SPST-NO/SPST-NC Contact Relays as an SPDT Relay Connecting Loads of Differing Capacities Contact Transfer 7 to 9 B Input Circuits 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Maximum Allowable Voltage Voltage Applied to Coils Changes in Must-operate Voltage Due to Coil Temperature Applied Voltage Waveform for Input Voltage Preventing Surges When the Coil Is Turned OFF Leakage Current to Relay Coils Using with Infrequent Switching Long Wiring Distance from the Power Supply Configuring Sequence Circuits Individual Specifications for Must-operate/release Voltages and Operating/Release Times Using DC-operated Relays (1) Input Power Supply Ripple Using DC-operated Relays (2) Coil Polarity Using DC-operated Relays (3) Coil Voltage Insufficiency Using AC-operated Relays (1) Input Power Supply Voltage Oscillation Using AC-operated Relays (2) Operating Time Using AC-operated Relays (3) Coil Voltage Waveform Using Latching Relays (1) Coil Polarity for DC-operated Latching Relays Using Latching Relays (2) Drive Circuit Using Latching Relays (3) Applying Voltage Simultaneously to Set and Reset Coils Using Latching Relays (4) DC Input Circuit Design Using Latching Relays (5) Degradation over Time of Latching Relay Holding Ability Load Switching Frequency Phase Synchronization for AC Load Switching Example of Power-saving Drive Circuit for Single-winding Latching Relay 9 to 12 C Mounting Design 1 2 3 4 5 Lead Wire Diameters When Sockets are Used Mounting Direction When Devices Such as Microcomputers are in Proximity Mounting Latching Relays 12 Safety Precautions for All Relays 3 C Operating and Storage Environments 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Operating, Storage, and Transport Operating Atmosphere Using Relays in an Atmosphere Containing Corrosive Gas Adhesion of Water, Chemicals, Solvent, and Oil Vibration and Shock External Magnetic Fields External Loads Adhesion of Magnetic Dust 13 and 15 D Relay Mounting Operations A Printed Circuit Board Relays 1 Ultrasonic Cleaning 14 B Common Items 1 2 3 4 5 Soldering Tab Terminals Prohibited Removing the Case and Cutting Terminals Deformed Terminals Replacing Relays and Performing Wiring Operations Coating and Packing E Handling Relays 1 Vibration and Shock 14 F Relays for Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Selecting PCBs (1) PCB Materials Selecting PCBs (2) PCB Thickness Selecting PCBs (3) Terminal Hole and Land Diameters Mounting Space 1. Ambient Temperature 2. Mutual Magnetic Interference Pattern Design for Noise Countermeasures 1. Noise from Coils 2. Noise from Contacts 3. High-frequency Patterns Shape of Lands Pattern Conductor Width and Thickness Pattern Conductor Pitch Securing the PCB Automatic Mounting of Relays for PCBs 1. Though-hole Mounting 2. Surface Mounting 15 to 18

        墨河電子科技青島 上海有限公司




        Email:sunjianbo@mhdzi.onaliyun.com / mhdz9898@dingtalk.com



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